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Blind Barter

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April 27th, 2009

0refrigerations @ 05:46 pm: Nokia 6682
Hi, I have a Nokia 6682 in good condition with talks already installed on the phone. The phone comes with a battery charger, extra battery, head phone adapter and a 4GB memory card.

Asking price is $200, and all offers are welcome.

November 4th, 2008

mal_pal07 @ 11:25 am: Juliet Pro 60 Embosser
Hello. I have a friend who has a braille imbosser they would like to sell. It is the Juliet Pro 60, about three years old. It is in perfect working condition,
and can be connected to the computer via Serial or parallel ports. He is asking 2500 dollars, or for the best offer by next Wensday which is November 12th.

If anyone is interested or would like any further details about the imbosser, pllease feel free to responde to this add or leave me a comment and i will
get back to you with my friend's contact info.
Thank you.

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June 20th, 2008

almadefortitude @ 06:15 am: Hey team!
Participation in our first community poll was most excellent.

What should the status of this community be?

5 (35.7%) of members thought that the community should be Member’s Only.

8 (57.1%) of membersthought that the community should be left visible to all.

3 (21.4%) of members were pretty indifferent to the whole thing.

This is a young community and to have such spirit at even this early stage seems like a good sign, in my opinion.

It also means that the members that favor the “visible to all” option have this one.

To those, who were for the Members Only option, please don’t feel as though you must leave us. You are quite valued. The community may now be public by default but any and all postings you make can be protected manually. Further information on how to go about doing this can be found here.

As always, feel free to send a message my way or leave a comment to this entry with any thoughts.

Here’s to you being well in every way and to the word being spread about Blind Barter! Remember that the more individuals who know about this, the more effective it’ll be in helping all involved get where they want to go.

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June 11th, 2008

criket79 @ 10:41 pm: Amigo Magnifier for Sale
I have a used Amigo portable CCTV for sale. Its in perfect working condition. There are some scratches on the side of the case and to the leather carrying case. Again, this does not affect its ability to perform. This comes with the carrying case, two batteries and two battery chargers. I will accept checks, other methods we can discuss. I am asking for $1000 OBO. Shipping is included. Please contact me at christine-ann@shaw.ca. Thank you!

June 9th, 2008

almadefortitude @ 03:44 pm: Let me hear that community spirit!
Community feedback has been just wonderful. Thank you to all for the encouraging support of this endeavor.

Because this is *our* community, the idea of making decisions as a collective effort struck home with me. And, when 2 differing points of view were presented on the status of the community, a poll seemed like a great way to open the floor for gauging how, you, the members feel.

If the options I’ve provided leave you wanting, please do leave a comment to this entry or message me directly.

Poll #1202233 Community Status
This poll is closed.

What should the status of this community be?

I rather that the community is made “Member's Only”. It would keep my E-mail from possibly getting spammed.
I’d like as much exposure to my selling here so I would prefer that the community be left visible to all.
I’m pretty indifferent to the whole thing.

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June 8th, 2008

almadefortitude @ 06:30 am: Your Maintainer Welcomes You!
There can’t ever be enough resources to fall back on. Let this be yet another valuable one for all involved.

And by all, I do mean *all*. I wish to know of any North American, South American, European, Australian, Asian resources you happen to come across.

Knowledge is power ladies and gentlemen. The more you know, the more prepared you can be for success. So be sure to spread your know-how so that we may all share in the goodness.

Let’s face it…Goodness by way of products for the disabled can be so very expensive. My hope is to bring people together to minimize cost and maximize benefit for all involved.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, they say. Display what you’ve got that no longer is of much use to you to another and it may very well be exactly what they’ve been seeking.

Please do leave feedback by way of comment to this very entry or by sending a message my way.

Let me know of Decent sources that worked well for you and may work well for others, suggestions on ways to make this a better community overall and/or anything else that you think of to better serve us as a whole. I’ll try my best to accommodate everyone.

I trust that your participation will prove fruitful for not only you but the community at large.

It’s an honor to have you onboard. If you have yet to join us…what the heck are you waiting for?

Get to reading or rereading the rules and join join join! *thumbs up*



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